Major events by the Second Front Army of the Red Army

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2016-08-16 14:19:44

  The Second Front Army was formed in the latter stage of the Long March, composed of forces from the Second Corps and the Sixth Corps. Its trek started from Sangzhi county of Central China's Hunan province in November 1935 and completed in October 1936.

  Nov 1935

  The Second Corps and the Six Corps led respectively by He Long and Ren Bishi started the long march from Sangzhi county, Hunan province.

  Feb 8, 1936

  The Second Corps and the Six Corps set up a revolutionary committee for the Chuan-Dian-Qian new Soviet area, focusing on mobilizing locals to join their forces to resist Japan's aggression and Kuomingtang's repression.

  Apr 1936

  The army successfully crossed Jinsha River from Lijiang, Yunnan province, to Sichuan province. Thanks to their favorable policies on religion and ethnic minorities, the troop got well-recuperated in Zhongdian county.

  July 1936

  The 2nd and 6th Corps and the Fourth Front Army joined forces in the Long March in Garze county, Southwest China's Sichuan province. The two and part of the forces from First Front Army formed the Second Front Army.

  October 1936

  The Second Front Army successfully joined forces with the First and the Fourth Front Armies in Gansu, which marked the completion of the Long March.