Five-in-one business license fully promoted in Hunan

Updated:2016-09-22 11:34:21


The first Five-in-one Business License issued in Hunan


Contrast between the original and five-in-one Business License


Rednet (Changsha): Since September 20, the five-in-one business license reform has been fully implemented in Hunan province. From now on, enterprises are not required to handle Organization Code Certificate, Tax Registration Certificate, Social Security Registration Certificate, and Statistics Registration Certificate any longer, but are required to just handle the unicode Business License. The original business licenses remain in force till 2018.

Original link: 湖南发放首张“五证合一”营业执照 原证照2018年前有效

红网长沙9月20日讯(时刻新闻记者 刘玉先 实习生 周王宁馨)9月20日起,“五证合一、一照一码”改革在湖南省全面实施。今后,企业无需单独办理组织机构代码证、税务登记证、社会保险登记证和统计登记证,只需办理“统一代码”营业执照即可。2018年前原发营业执照继续有效。