Changsha ceremony celebrates traditional flower mythology

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-03-15 14:20:57
A special ceremony was held in Wangcheng district located in the Hunan province's city of Changsha on March 12 to celebrate a traditional flower festival known as huazhao.

  The huazhao festival is typically held on the 2nd, 12th, or 15th day of the second month of lunar calendar as a way of memorializing the birth of flowers as told in Chinese mythology.

  Accordingly, 12 young women were selected from universities and colleges across Hunan province to act as the 12 goddesses that relate to the flowers of the respective months of the year.

  The goddesses dance at the traditional flower ceremony being held in Changsha, Hunan province, on March 12. [Photo/Changsha Evening News]

  The chosen young women dressed up in traditional Han Chinese costumes, known as hanfu, and under the guide of a priestess took turns performing worship rituals, reciting poetry, giving libations, and burning incense.

  The flower goddesses take turns performing the rituals celebrating the traditional flower festival on March 12. [Photo/Changsha Evening News]

  Ouyang Feier, who acted as the god of osmanthus, was excited about the prospect of attending the ceremony.

  "Chinese culture has so many treasures and traditional Han Chinese costumes are so beautiful."

  "The activity helps modern people to understand and think about some long-lost traditional ceremonies. It will benefit the preservation and promotion of traditional culture," said Peng Yuhan, CEO of Tianze Culture, organizer of the event.

Priestess put flowers in their hair at the ceremony held in Changsha on March 12. [Photo/Changsha Evening News]