Guarding the hero

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-04-07 11:39:36


  Xu Zhenming, an honored war veteran, has guarded the cemetery of a war hero at the southern foot of Changbai Mountain for the past 60 years and has handed the tomb-guarding mission to his son.

  Teenagers during war years

  Xu joined the "Balu" (the Eighth Route Army) when he was just 16 years old and became a correspondent.

  "Some senior soldiers in the troupe always told me stories about General Yang Jingyu who fought against enemies in the freezing cold and sacrificed himself to guard his country, which inspired me a lot," Xu said.

  He recalled that wars between the Balu and Japanese Army were frequent at that time and Xu went to the front line in the winter he joined the army.

  "My back was hurt when a bomb exploded behind me and I refused to retreat when I saw so many of my comrades in arms were still fighting for our country. I wanted to fight with them," Xu added.

  "There was a young boy named Xiaolu who was just 14 years old. We were so close with each other but he lost his life in a battle to guard his hometown," Xu recalled with tears. "Teenagers in the war period had to face cruelties brought about by battles."

Guarding the hero

  Xu Zhenming (right) and his son Xu Yongjun chat in front of the statue of General Yang. [Photo/]