Sichuan's oldest panda dies at age 34

Updated:2017-06-09 09:59:08

  The oldest female panda atthe Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province hasdied.

  Base chief Zhang Zhihe said the panda, named Su Su, was 34 years of age when she passed away on June 2.

  "She was 34, the equivalence of 102-years-old in human terms, and has led an eventful life," he said.

  Su Su was rescued in May 1986 when she was found in the wild with only one eye. Then, in an anesthesia-related incident in 1987, Su Sustopped breathing for three hours and further lost consciousness for25 hours.

  "She first lived in the Chengdu Zoo after her rescue in 1986, and then moved to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding when it was established the next year," Zhang said.

  During her time at the base, Su Su gave birth to five cubs; however, only three survived.

  "She had suffered hypertension, as well as liver and heart failure, in recent years," Zhang said.

  "Her conditions then worsened in May, which resulted in a drop in heractivity and appetite."

  Zhang confirmed Su Su passed away at 6:26 pm on June 2.

  "A dissection of her body showed she suffered from liver cirrhosis, and lungs and spleen atrophy," he said.