Dragon dance now part of 2017 National Games

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-07-14 10:48:33


Dragon dance now part of 2017 National Games

  The dragon dance competition. [Photo/enorth.com.cn]

  On July 9, the final event of the National Games "dragon dance competition" was held in Tianjin.

  Dragon dance is one of China's traditional folk cultures. It has spread over all Chinese speaking areas as a symbol of China. In 2017, competition in dragon dance became part of the country's National Games.

Dragon dance now part of 2017 National Games

  A dragon dance performance. [Photo/enorth.com.cn]

  At the games the Shanghai team's performance of "three dragons gather together" won the championship. The Jiangsu and Hunan teams won second and third place respectively.

Dragon dance now part of 2017 National Games

  Teams display their medals at the awards ceremony. [Photo/enorth.com.cn]

  At the post-game conference, team leaders from Hunan, Jiangsu and Shanghai attended and spoke on behalf of their members.

  The manager of Hunan explained that the song that the Hunan team chose showed the Miao customs. The team hoped that through such display and communication, those customs, as part of China's excellent traditional culture, will spread around the world.

  The Jiangsu team leader first introduced the team coach and athletes, and then described the creation and adaptation of the theme "Feb 2, Lung rise (Dragon Heads-raising Day)". He also pointed out that the culture of dragon dance needs to be carried forward.

  The Shanghai team leader, the president of the Shanghai Longshi Association, appreciated the support for the athletes provided by the State General Administration of sport and the Tianjin municipal government.

  It is hoped that through participation in the National Games dragon and lion dance events can be further promoted and developed and become more professional and international.