Hunan, China Telecom Promote “Internet Plus” Strategy

Updated:2017-07-27 15:13:39

  On July 24, the Hunan government and China Telecom signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote “Internet Plus” in Changsha. Under the agreement, China Telecom will invest 21 billion yuan in information infrastructure construction and projects related to “Internet Plus Government Affairs”, “Internet Plus People’s Livelihood”, and “Internet Plus Industrial Manufacturing”.

  CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Secretary Du Jiahao met with China Telecom Chairman Yang Jie and Hunan Governor Xu Dazhe witnessed the signing ceremony.

  Secretary Du explained that Hunan is exploring how to combine its advantages with Internet industry trends. It endeavors to nurture new technologies, industries, and business modes. Du expected, “China Telecom will make use of its advantages in network, techniques, talents, and services to promote the in-depth growth of Hunan-China Telecom cooperation. We will expand cooperation to achieve common development and win-win results.”

  Governor Xu hoped China Telecom would play an active role in Hunan’s development of “Internet Plus” initiative, and provide safe and convenient service to the public. All parties will have win-win cooperation for mutual benefit. Xu said, “Hunan strongly supports China Telecom’s development in Hunan and to create a favorable environment for implementing ‘Internet Plus’ projects.”

  Chairman Yang Jie noted that China Telecom would implement the agreement, mobilize social resources, and upgrade its network, service ecosystem, and smart operation, to fuel Hunan’s information construction; economic; and social development.

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