Provincial government outsources community correctional services

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-07-31 09:11:44

  Provincial government outsources community correctional services

   The government of Southern China¨s Hunan province has taken the lead in outsourcing various forms of community correctional services.

  In 2014, the Changsha Kaifu District Justice Bureau, with an investment of 200,000 yuan ($29,640) ,became the first one to purchase professional social work services for the community correction.

  Through public bidding competition, the justice bureau signed an agreement by which the Dexin Social Work Service Center will provide services including psychological tests, guidance and educational help to incarcerated members of the community.

  This agreement was reported to be the first governmental outsourcing project for community correctional service in Hunan province. Similar arrangements were then made in the rest of the province. Now more than ten social organizations and psychological consultancy organizations are taking part in community correction.

  To date, a total of 123 counties in the province have invested over 29 million yuan ($4.3 million) in outsourcing 126 items of service and 989 job positions to mitigate inadequacies in community correction workforces and ensure that community prison populations have access to education.

  Hou Qianguang, chief of the community correction bureau in Hunan province said that in recent years the Hunan Justice Bureau has taken measures to lay a solid foundation for community correctional services from such perspectives as policy guidance, fund guarantees and facility construction.

  To overcome inadequate funding for purchased services at the grassroots level, the bureau sought and received financial support from provincial level departments in the amount of 10 million yuan, which enabled it to provide subsidies to 51 poverty-stricken areas in 2015 and 2016.

  In addition, over those two years Hunan province established standards and unified community correction centers in 123 counties. Each center is equipped with rooms for social networking, education and training, as well as areas for psychological counseling and therapy.