Two officials sacked for 'superstitious activities' in China

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-08-07 09:06:02

  CHANGSHA -- Two local officials were removed from their posts in Central China's Hunan province for "superstitious activities," disciplinary authorities said.

  Tang Yuansong, former head of the housing and construction bureau of Linwu County, attended five fengshui training courses in different cities under the guise of "investigation tours" starting in 2008, said a statement by the commission for discipline inspection of Chenzhou city.

  The training sessions cost 54,000 yuan ($8,000) in total and were reimbursed as business trip expenses, said the statement issued Thursday.

  Since 2014, he also received 5,000 yuan annually on average for "practicing fengshui" for others, it said.

  Huang Xiaowen, former head of Tuqiao Township of Rucheng County, asked others to set up an altar to cast spells and paid 100,000 yuan in tribute each time, with hopes of being promoted.

  Both of them have been expelled from the CPC, and judicial authorities will further investigate their cases for criminal activity, such as graft and embezzlement, it said.