Restricted natural gas supply in Changsha to guarantee the people's livelihood

Updated:2017-12-19 10:04:31


  On account of PetroChina’s short supply of West-East natural gas transmission line 2 and the implementation of “coal-to-gas convention” in major northern China, there is a bit short supply of natural gas this winter across China. According to Rednet news report, from Dec. 18, 2017, Changsha all-level government departments and public institutions are required to stop natural gas supply and heating in office space to guarantee natural gas supply for the people’s livelihood; from Dec. 19, 2017, Changsha natural gas taxies are required to stop natural gas supply to guarantee natural supply for buses.



  In order to guarantee natural gas supply for residents, scientific research institutions, schools, hospitals and other key-protection units, Changsha XinAo Gas Holdings Ltd. continues expanding scope of enterprises of stopping and limiting natural gas supply, such as industrial and commercial natural gas supply in hotels, malls, office and business premises, etc.

  Chinese Link: 今起长沙机关事业单位停止采暖供气 全力以赴保障民生用气