Hunanese Visions 2018: To Realize Goals with Efforts

Updated:2018-01-02 11:47:19


  [Bilingual Reading] Hunanese Visions 2018: To Realize Goals with Efforts


  President Xi’s 2018 New Year speech boots Chinese morale, and arouses heated discussions among Hunan people. The Hunanese, proud of China achievements 2017, set goals and determine to realize their visions 2018.


  Buddies, before viewing the following video “Hunanese Visions 2018”, ask yourself what your vision 2018 is. Dare to share here?


  164秒视频概览(Overview of the video):


  A bus driver, a sanitation worker, and a businesswoman: To buy/build a house with their efforts;


  An aviation maintenance personnel & a postgraduate: To improve professional skills and research;


  A snack server & a takeout delivery man & a supermarket server: To make more money and buy a car for themselves; to make more money and return to campus for further study;


  A guardsman: To train harder and contribute his efforts to Chinese dream of strong military;


  Citizens: To marry early; to wish children and family members happy and sound; to help more people in need;


  Students: To wish make constant progress in study and enter a good school for further study;


  Head of Zoomlion Thailand subsidiary: To keep fighting and make achievements in the “Belt & Road” construction;


  Team member of the 19th batch of Chinese aid medical team in Sierra Leone: To help Sierra Leone people out with traditional Chinese medicine;


  Villager of Shibadong Village, Xiangxi: To promote village tourism construction and live a better life;


  Villager of Jinlong Village, Changsha county: To open an art gallery and enhance their spiritual life;


  Cadre of Shuangjiang Community, Changsha County: To accelerate poverty-stricken villagers’ casting off poverty to get rich through raising “Luodai black pigs”.

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