Top 10 Chinese companies granted most patents in 2017

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2018-01-25 09:01:22

  The number of new patents filed rose to 1.38 million in China in 2017, up 14.2 percent from a year earlier, and 420,000 were accepted, according to the State Intellectual Property Office, or SIPO.

  By the end of 2017, Chinese mainland had 1.35 million grants, Hu Wenhui, spokesperson for the SIPO, said at a news conference on Jan 18.

  According to Hu, Chinese companies dominated the innovation patents filling and granting, with the proportion hitting 63.3 percent and 66.4 percent last year.

  China's State Grid was granted 3,622 innovation patents by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2017, the most among Chinese companies, followed by Huawei and Sinopec.

  Samrtphone maker Oppo took the first spot on the growth rate of innovation patent filings last year, with a year-on-year surge of 142.3 percent.

  Here are the top 10 Chinese companies granted most innovation patent authorizations last year.

  No 10 SMIC, 862 patents granted

  No 9 Petrochina, 1,008 patents granted

  No 8 Oppo, 1,222 patents granted

  No 7 Gree, 1,273 patents granted

  No 6 Lenovo, 1,454 patents granted

  No 5 ZTE, 1,699 patents granted

  No 4 BOE, 1,845 patents granted

  No 3 Sinopec, 2,567 patents granted

  No 2 Huawei, 3,293 patents granted

  No 1 State Grid, 3622 patents granted