Bike-sharing cuts 7 mln tonnes of carbon emissions: report

Updated:2018-02-01 09:36:55

  BEIJING -- At the end of 2017, bike-sharing services in China had about 221 million users and were estimated to have helped cut carbon emissions by over 6.99 million tonnes, a report said Wednesday.

  The 41st China Statistical Report on Internet Development, released by the China Internet Network Information Center, said the sharing economy saw a boom in China last year and the number of bike-share users increased by 115 million in just half a year.

  The users cycled over 29.9 billion km in total last year, the report said, adding that using bike-sharing combined with metro services has increased transportation efficiency compared with private vehicles.

  The bike-sharing industry has also created over 30,000 jobs in offline operation and maintenance, it said.