Changsha county honored for good environmental sanitation

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2018-02-05 13:10:50

  Changsha county recently entered the Grade-A county list in a campaign held by Changsha city to evaluate all its counties and villages' environmental sanitation in 2017.

  This marks as a solid testimony to Changsha's continual efforts in protecting the environment and improving people's living environment.

  Guoyuan and Jinjing towns in the county were honored as the "Five-star Town". The highest honor at village-level was awarded to Jinqiao village in Gaoqiao town, Jinlong village in Jinjing town, Bengkan village in Huanghua town and Jiumu village in Chunhua town.

Changsha county honored for good environmental sanitation

  A volunteer teaches local residents how to classify garbage in Changsha county's Xiangrui community, on April 13, 2017. [Photo/]

  Last year, Changsha county made vigorous efforts to improve local household waste treatment through promoting garbage classification and reduction in some demonstration villages and towns.

  Due to unified garbage collection and transportation mechanism, both the harmful waste and recyclable rubbish in the county received centralized treatment, a huge leap in waste management.

  About 79 percent of its villages passed the inspection of the provincial environmental protection authorities of Hunan in June, 2016. Meanwhile, the open garbage pools and incinerators were gradually eliminated and the rubbish collection and treatment were improved to reduce rubbish incineration.

Changsha county honored for good environmental sanitation

  Residents signing to promote waste classification receive free trash cans, Changsha county. [Photo/]

  Last year, a total of 5,366 tons of waste were recycled and reused after treatment. Thirty-two villages in the county took part in the campaign of building garbage classification and reduction demonstration village.

  Guoyuan town, Kaihui town and Qingshanpu town tried to classify and reduce rubbish at source.

  By the end of 2017, 32 villages have sorting centers and full-time cleaners. Guoyuan and Qingshanpu towns have set up waste sorting and recycling stations.

  Currently, 115 villages in Changsha county have waste recycling centers, adding the total amount of those to 202 across the county. Twenty-five villages are municipal demonstration villages and 19 are county-level ones. It is also home to a municipal demonstration town and two county-level ones for rubbish classification and reduction.

Changsha county honored for good environmental sanitation

  Changsha county villagers take part in a quiz on waste classification and environment protection. [Photo/]