'Favorite English word' competition starts sharing trend

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2018-02-06 13:03:12
°° Chinese actress and model Angelababy was appointed as the China campaign ambassador of "English is GREAT" on Feb 1. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

°°°°By simply sharing their most-loved word for 2018, participants who win the highest number of votes can join a lucky draw and win some amazing gifts, including a Kindle and a Polaroid camera.

°°°°People posted their word of choice for the new year on both Sina Weibo and the China Daily app. By 9 am today, over 1,200 posts have been received on the China Daily app, many of which center on current affairs of state, such as the Belt and Road Initiative and British Prime Minister Theresa May visiting China.

°°°°Words like "rejuvenation", "peace", "development" and "prosperity" indicate people's confidence toward the future. "Innovation", "inclusiveness", "happiness" and "dream" reveal diversified appeals from society.

°°°°Want to be a part of this exciting game? Click here to participate before Feb 7. We are looking forward to hearing your favorite English word for 2018!