Farming enterprises promote agritourism in Changsha county

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2018-03-14 09:32:59

Farming enterprises promote agritourism in Changsha county

  Agricultural theme farms in Changsha county invite you to experience journeys in farming culture. [Photo/]

  Eleven agricultural enterprises from Changsha county jointly set up a development association for agriculture, tourism, culture and innovation on March 9. Four spring farming themed tourism routes were released at the same time, to "offer parent-child experiences, leisure vacations and popular science education", according to the organizers.

  The move is expected to boost integrated development of the first and tertiary industries in the Central China county, reported.

  The four great paths consist of "the journey to experience organic agriculture" put forward by Boye Organic Farm, "the journey to a mushroom theme farm" advanced by Dijin Farm, "the journey of tea research" organized by the Tea Research Institute in the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Science and "the trip of planting grape trees and experiencing making wine" offered by Qixin Ecological Farm.

  Here are some details.

  1、The journey to experience organic agriculture

   Changsha Boye Organic Farm boasts an area of 600 hectares where visitors can both enjoy nature and learn about agriculture through planting trees with their children, having a picnic and visiting the seedling raising shed.

  2、The trip to a mushroom theme farm

  Changsha Dijin Farm is the first mushroom theme fun farm in China. Visitors will learn about the whole process of mushroom planting, from breeding to picking. They¨ll have fun picking mushrooms in the open air and enjoy the Mushroom Feast, which is nutritious and delicious.

  3、The journey of tea research

  This journey offers a chance to deeply experience the culture and harvesting methods of tea. Guests can learn about tea-processing history as well as Chinese tea etiquette. Strolling around the tea plantation they feel the integration of nature and agricultural science research and development

  4、The trip of planting grape trees and experiencing wine making

   Qixin Ecological Farm has expanded the short-term spring outing into a one-year practice course offering lessons in grape cutting, scaffolding, pruning, sprouting, insect control and topdressing. Visitors can also take a small grape seedling home and then wait for it to start climbing over their windowsill or courtyard.