Changsha Higreen tops in agricultural product distribution

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2018-05-02 14:36:56

  Changsha Higreen International Agricultural Product Logistics Park in 2017 obtained the highest volume of vegetable trading nationally, 5.92 million tons, Changsha Evening News reported on April 25.

  Data show that business transactions amounted to 55.9 billion yuan ($8.86 billion) in 2017 and daily trading volumes were on average 12,000 tons.

  The 446-mu (29.76 hectares) logistics park, updated from the previous Mawangdui wholesale vegetable market, went into operation in April, 2016. It includes eight 3,400 square-meter trading halls, two general service halls and one city distribution center.

Changsha Higreen tops in agricultural product distribution

  An aerial view of the first phase of Changsha Higreen Agricultural Product Logistics Park project [Photo/]

  More than 200 kinds of vegetables have been sent out to 20 plus provinces and regions in China as well as Southeast Asian countries, according to Chairman of Changsha Mawangdui Agricultural Products Co, Yang Peng.

  Several factors have contributed to the first-place ranking, among them huge demand, convenient and efficient transportation, direct-purchases and governmental support for featured products.

  The Central China province has a population of 70 million, 50 percent of which lives in urban areas. The huge demand for fresh vegetables and other agricultural products facilitates the fast growth of Higreen logistics park.

  Statistics revealed that 70 percent of vegetables consumed came from other cities and 85 percent grown were sold to other cities and regions across the province.

  The efficient circulation forms an important factor in gathering a large number of purchasers and sellers to the market, according to an employee of a local enterprise.

  The upgraded logistics park includes an area of 10,000 square meters for vehicle parking, and is capable of admitting 2,000 trucks at the same time. In addition, the 48 meter-wide passages between trading halls guarantee smooth travel of large trucks and facilitate circulation of agricultural products.

  Changsha's favorable geographical position is another bonus point. It takes only two to three hours to drive to Changsha from other cities within Hunan province or in those nearby.

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