Shang Dynasty relics found at Hunan ruins

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2018-05-14 16:02:28

An archaeological excavation is underway at the Shimen Pagoda ruins in Chujiang town, Shimen county of Hunan province. So far, around 6,500 square meters have been excavated and nearly 500 sites, including pits, ditches, houses and tombs from the Shang Dynasty (c.16th century-11th century BC) to Song and Yuan dynasties (960-1368), have been found.

Numerous ceramics, stone artifacts, and plant seeds from Shang, Eastern Zhou (770-256 BC), Han (206 BC-220), Jin (265-420), Song and Yuan dynasties have been unearthed, and the majority of items are from the Shang Dynasty.

According to the archaeologists, the excavation will provide new evidence for the traits of the tombs and cultural landscape of the Han, Jin, Song and Yuan periods.