Changsha-Xiangtan Bus Line 1 Opens

Updated:2018-08-02 09:54:17

  On the morning of July 30, the Changsha-Xiangtan Bus Line 1 officially opened. The whole journey is 22.6 kilometers. And the fare is 2 yuan. Bus service begins at 6:30 am and closes at 8 pm.

  Departing from Huaxi Xinyuan of Pingtang street of Changsha, it will travel through Huaxi Road, Tanzhou Avenue, Jinpeng East Road, Yingai Road, Baishi East Road, Taoli Road, Jili West Road, Jiangnan Avenue, Baishi West Road, and Bonded Road before heading to the terminal of the Xiangtan Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

  But according to the plan, bus should depart from Shantang Station of Metro Line 3. Due to the reason that the Station is under construction, the terminal of the bus was changed to Pingtang. Once the project completed, the terminal will be changed back to Shangtan Station. At present, the line from Changhsha to Xiangtan or from Xiangtan to Changsha can connect with Changsha Bus No.938. There are now 15 pure electric buses running for the line in Changsha and Xiangtan respectively.