Student expelled over mother's complaints

Updated:2018-08-30 17:07:00

Quyang Experimental School, a private campus in Hebei province [Photo/]

  Su Han, 14, was told that she was expelled from school but without a specific reason as she arrived at Quyang Experimental School, a private campus in Hebei province, with her mother Wang Li early on Sunday morning for new student registration, China Youth Daily reported.

  The class advisor failed to tell them the reason, saying she had no idea and was just carrying out the school's decision. Then the mother came to the schoolmaster and was puzzled by his question ! "It is yourself who know best what you have done, isn't it?"

  "I have not done anything illegal. Even if I had, it would have nothing to do with getting my daughter to school," Wang argued. Despite her words, the schoolmaster insisted on not allowing her daughter to go to school.

  Wang's daughter was not the only one expelled from the school. Three more students went through the same situation.

  Later on, it came to the mother's attention she once complained about the school's accommodation condition in a WeChat group of parents with children at the school in early July. Several days before the school opened, the class advisor had warned her not to post any negative things about the school in the parental Wechat group.

  "The negative thing about school actually refers to the school's accommodation being in really bad condition ! especially for girls, where more than 30 live in a classroom-turned-dormitory," Wang said.

  "36 girls share one dormitory. It is hard to turn between beds. The air conditioner only runs for two hours a day and it is too hot to sleep," a schoolgirl told the reporter.

  A parent thought the poor accommodations were caused by two things: one, the growing number of students in the school; the other, renting a school building to the transportation bureau of Quyang county.

  The local education authority has set up a team to investigate the issue after receiving reports from parents in July. At present, the dorm is undergoing a restructuring and the transportation bureau has moved out of the school.

  "Students will live in standard dorms of eight to ten people after the alteration is complete," an official from the local education authority said on Wednesday.

  "We will not let any student drop out of school," the official promised.

  Wang's daughter was told she can go back to school by her class advisor on Wednesday.