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Hunan, Israel to Enhance Economic, Trade and Technical Cooperation

Updated:2018-04-13 10:06:08

  Israel held a promotion conference on advanced science and technology of health care, electronic information and clean technology in Changsha on April 10. Representatives from 132 listed and to-be-listed companies, and more than 20 fund companies attended. It was a preliminary preparation for the First Hunan and Israel Economic and Trade Matchmaking Conference on Scientific and Technological Innovation, which will be held in Changsha in June.

  Guo Ning, head of the West Asia and Africa Office in Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, introduced, “Israel enjoys the reputation as 'start-up nation'. It has a strong desire to transform its technology into productive forces. These conditions fit well with Hunan’s development requirements in implementing its “innovation-driven opening up” strategy. At present, Hunan and Israel are searching for cooperation opportunities. The promotion conference will enable Hunan enterprises to have a comprehensive understanding of Israel's advanced science and technology, and the new cooperation mode between China and Israel.”

  Between June 5 and 7, Hunan will hold the First Hunan and Israel Economic and trade Matchmaking Conference on Scientific and Technological Innovation. It will be themed on “Taking the Lead in Innovative Science and Technology; Embracing the Future”. It is hoped that through the conference, science and technology, economic and trade exchanges between both sides will be enhanced; Israel’s advanced science and technology better integrated into Hunan’s competitive industries; and the introduction platform of talents and technical expertise established. 50-odd Israeli high-tech enterprises will attend the conference then.