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Where are the cool places in Hunan ?

Updated:2019-08-01 17:12:40

According to Hunan Provincial Meteorological Observatory, there are sunny days are cloudy days with a maximum temperature of 36 ° C ~ 38 ° C in Hunan province. It's better to find a cool place and have fun in the summer!

VR Fantasy Ice World in Shiniuzhai

Hotpots in an icy room.

     After three months of work, hundreds of tons of real ice are made for the VR Fantasy Ice World in Shiniuzhai. It is a dreamy world with the coolness of 15°C in the summer.

For the different customer groups, VR Fantasy Ice World also has a family-friendly play area for children, a romantic area for couples, a creative interactive area for the youth, and an ice-view story area for the elderly, so that visitors of different ages can have fun.

Lianyun Mountain drifting

Lianyun Mountain is known for the drifting of more than 20 kilometers long.

Lianyun Mountain Drifting

There are more than 30 waterfalls of different sizes in the valleys.

The water of the rafting of Lianyun Mountain is cool and clean, which is called “drifting on mineral water”. The drafting river is about 8 kilometers long and has a total drop of 200 meters. It is the largest canyon drift in Hunan Province. It takes 2 hours to complete the drift.

Shiyan Lake Music & Water Carnival

Do you want to get rid of the stress and heat of working for a day or have fun in the cool water stream without a swimsuit? Then come to Shiyan Lake for the Music and Water Carnival. It will meet your expectations in all!

Yiyang Carnival Water Castle

Yiyang Carnival Water Castle has many games of water sliding, air castles, and large pools.

The facilities of the air castle are complete, with plenty of space, puzzles and challenging items. Adults and children can have fun for themselves.

River Tracing of Jiulong River

River tracing is one of the most popular sports to fight the summer heat. You can enjoy the fun of river tracing downhill and rock climbing with your friends. It is great for relaxing and exercising in the river tracing among the mountains.

3D Jurassic river tracing

Jiulong River National Forest Park has launched a fantastic 3D Jurassic river tracing.

The vivid painting on the rock exploring the mysteries of the forest and the river.


Weishan Moutain

Weishan Moutain in Ningxiang belongs to the climate of alpine basins. The temperature difference between day and night in summer can reach above 10 °C, and the forest coverage rate is as high as 85%.

Link: "烘烤模式”开启,湖南避暑玩水哪里去?