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Hunan's High School Exchange Students Share Their Overseas Experience

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2014-08-14 10:08:21


Xia Ruohan wows her host parents in the United States on Chinese New Year's Day by cooking 22 Chinese dishes.


The annual summing-up meeting of the Hunan Provincial Education Association for International Exchange was held on August 9, in which ten high school students who acted as "little envoys of cultural exchanges" reflected on their exchange year in the United States, Italy, and France.


The students, completing their exchange through programs funded by the association, shared their experience at the meeting, attracting lots of students and parents.


Allocating one's time reasonably and participating in school clubs actively was the exchange students' common experience at the summing-up meeting.


Xia Ruohan from the First High School of Changsha recalled her bonding experience with her "host parents" in the United States, saying that she wowed her host parents on Chinese New Year's Day by cooking 22 Chinese dishes.

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