Hunan Uses Music to Advertise Hunan Cuisine

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2015-02-27 10:51:23

  Recently, the Information Office of Hunan Provincial People's Government, in collaboration with the Department of Finance of Hunan Province, accomplished organizing, shooting, producing and launching a new piece of music -- Hunan Hot Spicy Taste. Using a brand new way of exploring sense of taste with music, the song interprets "hot spicy" as an icon of Hunan flavor and spirits.

  The piece of music, infused with Hunan people's revolutionary passions for global concerns as well as overwhelming bravery, deeply examines the correlation between Huxiang culture and the food there.

  Intense oriental sentiment gets mixed again with American rhythm of R&B in the song. Its lead singer, rapping and singing names of a wide variety of tasty food after arrangement and combination, achieves rich layers of musical power as well as a meticulously arranged choir echoing like sweet smell of delicious food, thus intriguing the audience's restless desires to have a taste of hot spicy food in Hunan.