Famous Hunan Musician Tan Dun Holds Concert at Expo Milano 2015

Updated:2015-06-24 11:08:51

  Hunan musician Tan Dun held his special concert--"The Night of Hunan in China" at Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan with La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra from 8 pm to 10 pm on June 21 (the local time in Milan), evoking overseas Chinese's memory of their hometown, especially those from Hunan Province.

  Themed "Listening to Tan Dun, Tasting Hunan Province, and Understanding China", the concert performed the music map of Hunan Province that includes the narrative symphony The Four Mysterious Ways of Marco Polo and the sinfonia concertante Map, indicating the mysterious ways of China-Italy communication and colorful local customs in western Hunan respectively. The extensive and profound Huxiang culture and the best European antique society were wonderfully presented based on the mysterious combination by Tan Dun.

  Vice Governor of Hunan Province He Baoxiang and over 1,500 Chinese and overseas guests appreciated the world's top music feast in the world.

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