Second round of “Chinese Bridge” finals ends in Dali

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(The photo is taken for the contestants, "head of dormitory" and a 90-year-old grandma, the last owner of Horse Inn for receiving members of a caravan, in the Tea on Horse Road of Weishan ancient city.)

(Yuan Hong, the judge of the second round of final contest in DaLi, and Zhang Dafeng present a performance for the listening comprehension questions for the contestants.)

(Contestants are writing on their answers seriously.)

(Yuan Hong released the results at the end of the test. )

  Rednet (Dali): Top 10 contestants of the 14th “Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition of Foreign College Students had comprehensive examinations on July 18, Dali, Yunnan Province. Yuanhong, an actor, worked as the mysterious judge of the second round of final contest of Dali, and he announced the total score of the contestants in DaLi contest at the end of the exam. Shen Suyun scored as No.1 with 8 scores. So far, the second round of final contest in Dali ended .o

  In the comprehensive examination, the lively performance of Yuan Hong and Zhang Danfeng received laughter from the contestants, which was also the material of the listening comprehension tests for the contestants. And later, a lover letter, a player’s composition for Zhang Danfeng, moved everybody in the room.

   During the Waiting time for the exam results, Zhang Danfeng, the head of dormitory, presented his gifts to every contestant, and he said that these carefully selected gifts in Dali spent "all his savings". The contestants enjoyed the moments and cherished the gifts.

      Yuan Hong released the results of the final contest in DaLi . Shen Suyun, a South Korea girl, won the first place. The following ones are Comko from Europe , Li Yue from America, Sun Tiaoyu from Africa , Mai Kaiping from Austranlia, Kang Xiaoxin, Xu Tianyou, Matthew, Zhang Hua, Ni Dongmou.

  Original link: “汉语桥”决赛大理站结束 大考官为演员袁弘(图)

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