Architecture of Ming Dynasty Discovered in Dong'an County

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Updated:2015-08-05 11:13:28

(Peripheral wall in Dunlundi is exquisite with vivid animal sculptures, photo taken on August 3.)

(Wood carvings in Dunlundi are quite exquisite.)

(Gateway techniques and materials of Dunlundi are particular and well preserved..)

Recently, the Cultural Relics Management Institute of Dong'an County discovered Dunlundi in Shirui Village, Damiaokou Town, a well-preserved construction of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The ancient building, covering an area of around 500 square meters, has a history of over 400 years and enjoys a great value of cultural relics for its unique architectural style, masonry-timber structure and exquisite design. Dun (the Chinese character "") stands for encouragement, Lun (the Chinese character "") for moral human relations, and Di (the Chinese character "") for mansion.