Final Victory: To cherish peace won by lives

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2015-08-26 10:28:20

【最后的胜利】老兵马景刚:打仗就会死人 要珍惜和平


 (立正、右手手掌摊平、手心微微向内、中指微触眉梢,92岁高龄的抗战老兵马景刚敬了一个标准的军礼。Ma Jinggang, a 92-year-old veteran of the Counter-Japanese War, salutes at attention. )

 (红网《最后的胜利》报道团记者与马景刚合影。Ma Jinggang and Rednet reporters )


     “Final Victory is a good name," said Ma Jinggang, a 92-year-old veteran of the Counter-Japanese War, when he saw the words of “Final victory" on the flag which reporters were holding in his interview on August 3, in Liujiaping Community of Xinwu village, Changde city. The flag brought old man’s memory back to 70 years ago, and he said that the word "victory" had much deeper meaning.


     In the decisive battle of Changde, 90,000 Japanese invaders of the 11th Army had attacked Changde city with for 16 days and nights' persistent defense from 80,000 Chinese soldiers of the 57th Division of the 74th Army of the National Army. Had the city protected, the whole army almost sacrificed in the battle.


  In the eyes of Ma, all members in the 57th Division were heroes. Ma said, "They are not afraid of death, and they protected Changde city with their fresh and blood."