84 years old grandma plays paraglider

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Updated:2015-10-14 10:34:20

( Yan Xueyong checks his wife’s helmet. )

(Accompanied by coaches, MA Xu flys successfully. She is "not happy" by feeling no challenge under other’s help.  )

(After 5 minutes of gliding, MA Xu lands successfully, and her husband quickly comes to help. The couple enjoys the moments.)

  Rednet ( Hengyang): A group of special guests, nine senior citizens, attended a special activity in Hengnan paraglider base on October 13, for Chung Yeung Festival. Their average age was 65 years old. Among them,the oldest citizen was Ma Xu aged 84 and her husband Yan Xueyong.They choosed paraglider.     

  Ma Xu was the first female paratroopers in China, with her more than 140 times of parachuting. While her husband Yan Xueyong, was also a paratrooper. "Retirement is not just resting and staying. Skydiving is the love of my life, I live with it, "said Ma Xu.

  "The paragliding activity realizes our dreams of skydiving," said Ma Xu " at the age of 90, I would also like to challenge it. ”


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