Spring Festival Eve dinners around China

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2016-02-16 11:05:41

  With the coming of Chinese New Year's Eve, people around China are busy preparing for the Spring Festival Eve dinner with their families, which is the most important dinner of the whole year.

  There is always a dish that best represents the holiday in people's minds. Each area of the country has its own distinctive dish that is deemed indispensible at this time of year.

  Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province

  Boiled salted duck


  It's not only for Spring Festival Eve dinner - salted duck is a famous local product in Nanjing.

  Sun Cong, who has worked in Nanjing after graduting from university, is busy mailing her friends boiled salted ducks and her New Year greetings with the distinguished gifts.

  "We like to store pickles in winter. It's not cold enough to keep foods through the months, which used to be the reason for making salted ducks. But now, it remains a custom since everyone has a fridge," Sun said.   

Zhangjiajie, Central China's Hunan province

  Stewed pig's feet


  As a gathering place for the Tujia ethnic minority, Zhangjiajie preserves the traditional customs and foods of this minority group.

  Zhang Wenjuan, a college student abroad in Italy, won't be home for Spring Festival but will miss the stewed pig's feet on her family's dinner table.

  "I've never thought about why before, but we always have pig's feet for festival dinners," Zhang said, adding that it might be because pig's feet signifies making a fortune in the coming year, according to Chinese traditions.

  In Zhang's hometown, it is custom to finish the New Year Eve's dinner before sunrise, a tradition known as "chasing the New Year".