Hunan Holds First Laux Cup PBP Tryout

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2016-04-19 15:13:58

Qin anzhou from Zhangjiajie wins the mení»s race in Hunaní»s first Laux Cup Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) Tryout.

13-year-old Gong Diao (central) is the youngest cyclist in the race.

Hunan held the first Laux Cup Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) Tryout on April 17. Qin Anzhou from Zhangjiajie won the mení»s 300 km long cycling race from Changsha to Wulingyuan in 11 hours and 31 minutes and Lu Lu from Huaihua won the womení»s race in 13 hours and one minute.Paris-Brest-Paris is a long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. Randonneurs of China (ROCN) will hold the first China 1200 km PBP this year. The tryout held in Hunan is a qualification contest held before the China 1200 km PBP. Please refer to when using the article.