Changsha eight cute cafes and restaurants recommended

Editor:李莎宁 实习编辑 张焕勤
Updated:2016-06-02 15:30:31

1. Zoo Coffee Wanda Shop
Address: B41-42 Store, Kaifujin Street, Wanda Square, Kaifu District, Changsha
Specialty: Like an animal world, such as a cute tiger, a giraffe, a gorilla, etc.
Food: Coffee Latte, Honey bread, waffle with cream and honey


2.  Cat Coffee Times
Address: Room 2701, Changbao Building 1667-2, Zhongshanting, Furong District, Changsha
Specialty: The first coffee shop themed with real cats in Changsha


3. Little Pig Restaurant
Address: L4-37 and L38, Desiqin Shopping Mall, No. 18 Xiangfu Middle Road, Changsha
Specialty:  Cute cartoon pig images all around and best for your selfie.
Food: Barbecue, fried rice (crisp frying with syrup)


4. Farlalle Romantic Restaurant
Address: B101-2, Yuefang ID Mall, No. 216 Pozi Street, Tianxin District, Changsha
Specialty: Poker portrait as table decoration 
Food: Delicate and cute sweet for afternoon tea time


5. Modern Toilet Restaurant
Address: F3, Yuefang ID Mall, No. 216 Pozi Street, Tianxin District, Changsha
Specialty: Toilet styles anywhere, ranging from chairs, dolls, ice creams to dishes.



6.  Aiton European-style Restaurant
Address: F2, 7up Shopping Aesthetics Center, Wuyi Square, Tianxin District, Changsha
Specialty: Dreamy and fresh European-style decoration, filled with bear dolls and rabbit ears-like chairs.
Food: Nipple-like drinks, cute nursing bottles.


7. Less is More Coffee Shop
Address: No. 174 Nanyang Street, Furong District, Changsha
Specialty: Cute and literary, such as playful wall paintings, coffee head portraits, dolls on the sofa, postcards and train tickets on the wall.


8. Cafe Amore Songguiyuan Shop
Address: F1, Ping’an Building, No. 355 Furong Middle Road, Changsha
Food: Big cotton candy and Strawberry Coffee Latte are recommended. 

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