Hunan Products Procurement Fair for Belt and Road

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2016-06-29 15:15:42

The Hunan Products Procurement Fair for Countries Along the Belt and Road was launched at Gaoqiao Market on the morning of June 26, 2016. As a ¡°spokesperson¡± of Hunan products at the fair, international visitors from 13 countries such as Kenya, Zambia and Chad conducted centralized purchase of products with Hunan characteristics and also showcased their high-quality home products to Hunan people.

It is learned that Changsha Foreigner Incubation Base will be established to provide three key services of cross-border e-commence, supply chain finance as well as economic and trade exchange. A range of exclusive services will be offered to foreigners in Changsha, including consultation, client source, and funds. The base will make full use of foreigners¡¯ advantages in language and resources to promote Hunan products to go global and introduce quality goods from foreign countries.

At the launching ceremony, KIRWA JAPHETH KIPLIMO, staff from the Ministry of Agriculture of Kenya remarked that Changsha people are pioneering in building such communication platform for foreigners to deal with related investment and trade problems. Kenya highly expected that more diversified cooperation will be conducted in Changsha.

The Procurement Fair also invited more than 20 foreign students from Hunan University. A couple from Ukraine said that they were very glad to get involved in the event. They believe that the Incubation Base will be a good platform for the overseas and they will let more friends know about it.