International Symposium on Nuo Culture to be held in Xinhua

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Nuo opera Shitian Langjun is performed in Zengjiatan, Weishan Village, Xinhua

Rednet (Loudi): From July 11 to July 12, China Hunan Xinhua International Symposium on Nuo Culture will be held in Xinhua county. There will be more than 100 experts and scholars on Nuo culture research at the Symposium.

Approved by Ministry of Culture, Meishan Nuo opera has entered the tentative list of the world intangible cultural heritage as China’s Nuo opera subitem. Meishan Nuo opera is applying for municipal and provincial level heritage. Meishan Nuo opera pertaining to Xinhua folk songs and Meishan martial arts has successfully applied for provincial and national level intangible cultural heritage.

Original Link: 新化将举行高规格傩文化研讨会 梅山傩戏揭神秘面纱

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