Hunan Operas Performed in Beijing: Peach Blossom Spring

Updated:2016-08-09 14:21:15

Member of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People’s Congress and Director of Hunan Propaganda Department Zhang Wenxiong delivers the speech and announces the launch of “Hunan Operas Performed in Beijing”.


Secretary of the CPC Leadership Group and Director-general of Hunan Department of Culture Li Hui presides over the opening ceremony.  


The full-length dance drama Peach Blossom Spring



Rednet (Beijing): On the evening of August 8, Hunan Operas Performed in Beijing hosted by Hunan Propaganda Department and Hunan Department of Culture raised the curtain in China’s National Center forthe Performing Arts.The full-length dance drama Peach Blossom Spring was performed in National Center for the Performing Arts.

Hunan Operas Performed in Beijing is last from July 26 to September 20, 2016 in Beijing. There are 12 Hunan operas to be performed in Beijing’s theatres.

Original link: 南省“湘戏晋京”展演活动在北京开幕

红网北京8月8日讯(时刻新闻记者 汤红辉 胡芳 通讯员 曾秋甫)今晚,由湖南省委宣传部、湖南省文化厅主办的“湘戏晋京”展演活动在国家大剧院拉开帷幕。大型舞剧《桃花源记》在国家大剧院演出。此次“湘戏晋京”展演活动定于2016年7月26日至9月20日在北京举行。此次展演共有12台剧目在北京各大剧场陆续上演。