Cooking Competition held in Changsha

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Hot Dishes


Cold Dishes of Chinese plen

Cold Dishes

Hot Dishes

Cold dishes

Hot dishes

  Rednet (Changsha): Occupational Skills Competition of Chinese Cuisines was held in Tourism and Business Institution in Changsha City ,On September 13 . After fierce competing, Liu Zhonghe and Zhang Yong won the champions of "Hot Dishes" and "Cold Dishes" respectively.

  Original link: 长沙烹调高手斗技争霸 菜品让人口水直流(组图)

  红网长沙9月13日讯(时刻新闻记者 潘锦 通讯员 苏冠如)厨王争霸,秀色可餐。9月13日,长沙市中式烹调职工职业技能竞赛在