Changsha Civil Museum houses 120,000 Long March relics

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2016-10-17 12:20:13

 Li Zhuowei (second from right), the son of Li Yinqiao who was one of the guardians of Chairman Mao  made a special trip to Changsha, and he donates a coat of Chairman Mao's to the Boyu Red Museaum On July 14, 2014.
This year is the 80th anniversary of the victory of Red Army's Long March, visitors swarmed to the Red Museum of Tianxin district, Changsha city. Boyu Red Museum was built in Niujiaotang Village by Fu Boyu in 2005, and the provincial archives  established the basis of "Hunan Red Archives" in BoYu Red Museum, in 2013. After July, more and more people came to the museum with two hundred or three hundred visitors a day. Fu Boyu, a 62-year-old man guarding his consuming effort to build up the Red Museum, was happy when he saw more people came to visit and he said:" to remember the history, with enlightenment of later generations. ”  

 Original link: 长沙民间红色博物馆收藏12万余件长征文物