Embroidered Cheongsam Fashion Show on Chinese Knot Pedestrian Bridge

Updated:2016-10-26 09:43:43

On the morning of Oct. 23, 2016, nearly one hundred models in various embroidered cheongsams walk across the Chinese Knot Pedestrian Bridge over Meixi Lake, to display their elegant outfits.

Accompanied by music, models holding oiled paper umbrellas walk across the bridge.

Apart from young ladies, over-60-year-old cheongsam fans also take part in the fashion show.

°°°°On the morning of Oct. 23, 2016, a cheongsam fashion show was held on the Chinese Knot Pedestrian Bridge over Meixi Lake. Nearly one hundred women in various embroidered cheongsam participated in the event to show the rich culture of Chinese cheongsam and Hunan embroidery.

°°°°The bridge is 183.95 meters long with three sidewalks and five nodes. Inspired by classical Mobius strips and ancient folk art Chinese knot, it is jointly designed by NEXT ARCHITECTS of Netherland and Chinese architects, and awarded one of the top ten sexiest architectures worldwide by CNN.