Xiang embroidery shines in France

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2016-11-04 13:46:29
One of Hunan's art forms, Xiang embroidery, has been displayed in France.

  Liu Ya, daughter and apprentice of Liu Jianxin, a China Arts and Crafts master of Xiang embroidery, was invited by Poitiers University Confucius Institute to have a two-week Xiang embroidery tour in France.

  Visitors examine the Xiang embroidery pieces on display in France. [Photo/csfwzwhyc.com]

  Liu has held exhibitions in Paris, La Rochelle, and Poitiers University Confucius Institute, exchanging ideas with local artists who are interested in the unique art form.

  Liu Ya demonstrates and explains her techniques to the students from Lycée Gilles Jamain at her exhibition in France. [Photo/csfwzwhyc.com]

  She also showed and explained her techniques at the exhibition and communicated with about 20 teachers and students from Lycée Gilles Jamain, a Rochefort high school known for studying embroidery.

  Liu Ya presents her Xiang embroidery works during her tour in France. [Photo/csfwzwhyc.com]

  The exchange event promoted Xiang embroidery, which is a profound element of Chinese culture, and the French teachers, students, and exhibition visitors could appreciate the innovative spirit of the unique art form with 2,000 years of history.

  Liu Ya shows off her skillful techniques for Xiang embroidery during her tour in France. [Photo/csfwzwhyc.com]

  "Communicating with French artists has brought new inspiration to me," Liu said. "I will try to create better works in the future."