Hunan enterprise contributes to Chen Jiayong No. 1 Satellite launching

Updated:2017-02-16 16:08:24

3U立方星,陈家镛一号。(3U Cubesat, Chen Jiayong No. 1)

陈家镛一号卫星徽章 (Badge of Chen Jiayong No.1 Satellite)

  红网长沙2月15日讯(时刻新闻记者易添麒 通讯员 余旭华)北京时间2017年2月15日11点58分,中以合作的微重力化工科学实验卫星——“陈家镛一号”搭载ISRO(印度空间研究组织)的“PSLV-C37”运载火箭在印度南部的萨迪什•达万航天中心成功发射。位于长沙高新区的天仪研究院与以色列SpacePharma组成工程团队,负责卫星及载荷研制和发射。

  Rednet (Changsha): At Beijing time 11:58 am, Feb. 15, 2017, Sino-Israel cooperative Chen Jiayong No. 1 Satellite concerning microgravity chemical science experiments carrying ISRO“PSLV-C37”carrier rocket was successfully launched at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, South India. Tianyi Research Institute located in Changsha High-tech Industrial Zone, Hunan, China cooperates with Israel SpacePharma to take charge of R&D and launching of satellites and loading capacity.

  Original link: 陈家镛一号”发射成功 湘企天仪研究院再度闪耀太空