Hunan to Use Mobile App to Pay Tolls

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-02-24 09:37:28

  Hunan will take the lead in China in operating cashless toll payment via cellphones on expressways in 2017, according to the working conference of expressway construction of Hunan Province held in Changsha on February 21.

  40% of toll expressways in the province will allow users to pay tolls with their cellphone, and all manual toll lanes on these expressways will provide cashless transaction service via cellphone.

  Qu Jia, deputy director of the Hunan Expressway Monitoring Center, introduced that it is easy and simple to make a toll payment via cellphones. After download the APP, when the user drives through an expressway toll lane, his/her vehicle information would be identified automatically, and the transaction will be completed without using ETC card or manual payment.

  Compared with ETC and manual toll collection, mobile payment would remarkably simplify procedures, and thus save transit time.