Q&A of Open Day: more open and confident Hunan

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2017-03-14 15:43:56

  Phoenix TV: What is the cause of Hunan's strategy of "Innovation for the Guiding and Opening-up for the Rising"'?How to ensure the successful implementation of the strategy?

  Du Jiahao: Innovation is the first of all elements of development. Hunan has a tradition of innovation, along with resources and infrastructures for innovation. Opening-up is the necessarily regional requirement for Hunan's strategy in the central China.

  New technology keeps emerging nowadays, Hunan must stick to innovations. Hunan have to have a broader vision and a open mind to realize the rise in the central China.


  Science and Technology: What measures will Hunan take after the work of accurate poverty alleviation is done for the poor?

  Du Jiahao: To make poverty alleviation can really sustainable, suitable industries must be developed,that will make farmers rich.

  The leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization will be fostered by increasing funds for them. Bubugao Group, Friendship Apollo Group, these enterprise focused on buying products from poor villages. Mobilization of private-owned enterprises in the poverty reduction broaden ways of reducing poverty.


  People's Daily: As a big agricultural province, what measures will Hunan take for the agricultural supply-side structural reform and for accelerating the development of modern agriculture?

  Du Jiahao: In the new historical period,new changes of Hunan's agriculture must be made with an out-agricultural view, which is an agriculture plus industry combined with manufacturing and servicing, that is the better way to acquire development.

  With an out-food producing view, Hunan's agriculture should be precisely planned in planting, management, marketing development and technology development, so that benefits can be further improved.


  Il Sole 24 Ore How to expand Hunan's manufacturing advantages by the One Belt and One Road strategy ?

  Xu Dazhe: Hunan have manufacturing base for large scale of production , with brands and innovations. Hunan will be more competitive by opening-up policy and adhering to the strategy of"One Belt and One Road".

  Hunan will build worldwide brands for " Made in Hunan" with modern industrial bases, by hiring international talents for serving the global markets.