218 Hunan Micro-credit Companies Offering 12 Bln Yuan Loans

Updated:2017-03-16 15:04:16

  The 3rd Session of the Second General Assembly of the Micro-credit Union of Hunan Province (MUHN) was held on March 14, 2017. It was reported that 218 micro-credit companies have been approved in Hunan with a registered capital of 18.021 billion yuan. Last year, the provincial micro-credit companies have offered a total of 12.092 billion yuan loans.

  Hunan micro-credit companies were representatives of “grassroots and inclusive finance”. They played a positive role in addressing the “three rural issues” of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, serving small and micro-enterprises establishment, and individual start-ups entrepreneurship. Based on micro-credit business online, upstream and downstream industrial chain, and large markets, a group of those companies have embarked on a professional operation way with characteristics.

  MUHN said that this year it will push forward the “five unifications” action in the provincial micro-credit industry. The “five unifications” refers to unified accounting subjects, financial statements, industrial contracts, industrial clothing, and LOGO. This will enable to strengthen the industrial self-discipline and promote its healthy development.