Hunan Intensifies Quality Supervision

Updated:2017-03-16 15:05:31

  Quality supervision authorities across Hunan, on March 14, 2017, carried out a province-wide campaign of "12365" administrator hotlines, in a bid to deal with complaints, reports and consultations from the public regarding product quality. The move helped safeguard legitimate rights and interests of the public, ensure product quality and safety, and maintain market order.

  The campaign was held by Hunan Administration of Quality Technology Supervision (HAQTS).

  Administrators Ouyang Biao, Yang Qinpeng, and Chen Lixin from the HAQTS, and deputy directors from HAQTS’s local branches joined the campaign.

  A total of 131 cases were accepted during the day, including 11 reports, 55 complaints, and 59 consultations, and 6 other services. The cases were mainly about elevator, building materials, recreation facilities, livelihood measurement, children’s toys, and vehicles.

  The "12365" administrator hotlines are a daily scheme for authorities to accept quality violating clues.

  "12365" means the hotlines are open in 12 months and 365 days in a year.