Xu: stressed poverty alleviation & financial fund use in Sangzhi

Updated:2017-03-17 10:20:13

  湖南日报3月16日讯(记者 冒蕞)全国两会刚刚闭幕,今天,省委副书记、省长许达哲深入张家界市桑植县,就脱贫攻坚和财政资金使用情况进行调研。他强调,桑植是贺龙元帅的家乡,是革命老区和红二方面军长征出发地,为中国革命作出过重大牺牲和贡献,但现在面临的脱贫任务依然繁重,必须发扬革命老区精神,艰苦奋斗、迎难而上,以脱贫攻坚统领经济社会发展,统筹用好各类财政资金,全力打赢脱贫攻坚战役。

  According to Hunan Daily news, on the morning of March 16, Xu Dazhe,Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Governor of Hunan Province, investigated Sangzhi county, Zhangjiajie city on its poverty alleviation and the use of financial fund. Xu Dazhe emphasized to make good use of financial funds and strive for the battle poverty alleviation. Sangzhi was the hometown of marshal He Long, the old revolutionary base area, and the starting place of the Second Front Red Army in the Long March. Sangzhi ever made great contribution to Chinese revolution, but now is faced with serious poverty-relief tasks. It was urgent to promote its economic and social development.

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