Liuyang Boosts Hunan-Jiangxi Border Area Cooperation

Updated:2017-03-28 15:14:08

  The 3rd annual meeting of the Hunan-Jiangxi Border Area Opening-up and Cooperation Exchange will be held in Jinggangshan, Jiangxi Province in mid-April. The meeting will concentrate on tourism cooperation, said Director Lv Lisheng of the Liuyang Hunan-Jiangxi Border Area Cooperation Office. The two provinces will seize the opportunity of the 90th anniversary of the victory of Autumn Harvest Uprising to create a red cultural tourism (revolutionary site tourism) circle at the border area.

  2017 is the fourth year of the opening-up and cooperation exchange between Hunan and Jiangxi border areas. At the first cooperation meeting in Dec. 2014, Liuyang, Liling, and Pingjiang of Hunan Province, and Jinggangshan, Lianhua, Shangli, Tonggu, Wanzai, Xiushui, and Yongxin of Jiangxi Province reached a series of agreements on county-level strategic cooperation. Liuyang government specially set up an office to responsible for cooperative affairs management, liaison, and coordination. In 2015, Xiangdong District of Pingxiang, and Suichuan County of Ji’an joined in the agreement.

  Over the past years, the cooperation has extended from the areas of public security and social stability, transportation, environmental protection, work safety, and tourism, to all-round fields, such as education, health care, culture, sports, fireworks, and food safety. At the end of 2016, a consensus was reached in establishing a national demonstration area of agricultural product quality and safety, to jointly enhance work in this field, and promote green and organic agricultural product brands.

  Hunan-Jiangxi Border Area Opening-up and Cooperation has been included in the 13th Five-year Plan of the two provinces and relevant local governments, and such national-level plans, as “Development Plan for the City Clusters in the Middle Reaches of Yangtze River”, “Yangtze River Economic Belt Development Plan”, and “Hunan-Jiangxi Opening-up and Cooperation Pilot Area Development Plan”.