Another Folk Museum opened in Juzizhou, Changsha

Updated:2017-03-30 10:54:55

展出的玉手镯。(A Jade bracelet exhibited.)

展出的古代玉器。(The Ancient jadeware exhibited.)

展出的玉玺。(An Imperial jade seal exhibited.)


  An ancient wine vessel made of horn exhibited that was popularly used from the later period of the Shang Dynasty to the earlier period of the Western Zhou Dynasty.


  The exhibition has attracted many visitors.

  红网长沙3月29日讯(时刻新闻记者 刘玉先)省会长沙的博物馆家族又添新成员。今天,位于橘子洲拱极楼的可佳橘洲民间博物馆开馆。开馆首展“中国古代玉器精品展”,展出了一批古代玉器精品,吸引众多游客目光。

  Rednet (Changsha): On March 29, Kejia Juzizhou Folk Museum located in Juzizhou, Changsha was opened to public. The first exhibition themed with “Quality Jadeware of Ancient China” was held in the Museum, attracting many visitors.

  Original link: 长沙新添一博物馆 民间艺术珍品让你大饱眼福