Changsha, Wuhan, Hefei, and Nanchang Collaborate Broadly

Updated:2017-04-13 09:54:56

  Wuhan, Changsha, Hefei, and Nanchang, four provincial capital cities along the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, held their fifth annual conference (C4 Summit) in Wuhan on April 10, 2017. The officials of the four cities negotiated and signed the Cooperation Plan of the Capital Cities along the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River (2017-2020).

  The Beijing-Guangzhou, Shanghai-Kunming, and Hefei-Wuhan high-speed railways operation greatly shortened the travel time between the four cities. A 90-minute commuting circle was formed by Wuhan, Changsha, and Nanchang.

  These four population centers (Wuhan City Cluster, Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Cluster, Wanjiang City Belt, and Poyang Lake City Cluster) are cooperating, which gives impetus to their common development.

  Over the past four years, they have adopted a series of cooperative measures, such as recognizing each other’s housing provident fund (公积金) and medical insurance reimbursement.

  An annual tourist card honored by all four cities is on sale. The price is 200 yuan. It admits holders to visit the 43 designated scenic spots in the four cities.

  A common four-city transportation card is being worked on by transportation authorities along with other cooperation measures.