Hunan & Hong Kong Business Week to held for 500 major projects

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Updated:2017-04-14 11:04:35


  A press conference is held to release the information of 2017 Hunan & Hong Kong Business Week by Hunan Provincial People's government News office.


  Xu Xiangping, director of Hunan Provincial Office of Commerce,releases the News of 2017 Hong Kong Business Week.


  Luo Shuangfeng, deputy director of Hunan Provincial Business office, answers reporters ' questions.

  红网长沙4月13日讯(时刻新闻记者 刘怡斌)4月25日至29日,2017年湖南(香港)投资贸易洽谈周在香港、澳门和珠三角地区举行。今天上午,湖南省人民政府新闻办公室召开新闻发布会,省商务厅厅长徐湘平应邀介绍本次“港洽周”的相关情况,省商务厅副厅长罗双锋出席会议并回答记者提问。

  Rednet (Changsha): From April 25 to 9th,2017 Hunan & Hong Kong Business Week will be held in Hong Kong, Macao and the Pearl River Delta region.Hunan provincial People's government News office held a press conference for releasing the news and informations and answering the questions by Xu Xiangping, director of Hunan Provincial Office of Commerce and Xu Xiangping director of Hunan Provincial Office of Commerce.


  Hong Kong is the most important source of foreign capital and investment in Hunan. To the year of 2016, Hong Kong has invested 9,003 projects in Hunan Province, which is 59.3% per cent of Hunan provincial capital, with 72.163 billion USD of foreign investment in signed contracts, 63.7% of Hunan province's foreign investment, with the actual use of53.327 billion USD, of 60.2%.


  At the same time, Hong Kong is also one of the major trading partners in Hunan. In 2016, the import and export of Hunan and Hong Kong amounted to $4.88 billion.

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