International Youth Forum: Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Road (Changsha Session) Underway

Updated:2017-04-18 09:58:23

  The International Youth Forum: Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Road is taking place now in Changsha. Started from April 16, the Changsha Session will last till April 19. The Forum is co-hosted by UNESCO, the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations, the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, and the Changsha Municipal People’s Government. Four major events are scheduled, including opening ceremony, parallel sessions, Changsha achievement presentation, and closing ceremony. Three supporting activities, namely, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, high-tech fireworks show, and field visits, will be arranged.

105 international guests and youth representatives from 74 countries visited Changsha Museum, Changsha Planning Exhibition Hall, Changsha Library and Changsha Concert Hall at Binjiang Cultural Park on April 16.

Participants took a close look about Changsha to get to know more about its history and modern advancement.

At the Changsha Planning Exhibition Hall, the participants were introduced about Changsha’s ancient streets and its modern technologies, which displayed Changsha’s past and future.

A young representative talked about her impression about the city.

A young representative gives Changsha the thumbs up.

  Mareu Swidrak, coming from Poland, said this is his first visit to Changsha. “I am really impressed by Changsha. Poland does not have similar regional planning exhibition hall and equipment. The exhibition hall is amazing.”

  An Arabian youth, called Ahmad Alonbaidli got a new understanding of Changsha from the tour. He was particularly impressed by the city’s development blueprint after visiting the hall.

  Nicoceta from Moldova said that it was her first trip to Changsha but this definitely will not be the last. “I’d love to invite my friends to Changsha to taste the local food and experience the folk customs. I am also looking forward to seeing a better developed Changsha.” The promising city and hospitable people are the reasons for her to make future visits, she added.

  Overview of the Forum

  Opening Ceremony and Theme Forum

  Time: April 17

  Venue: Yuelu Academy, Hunan University

  9:30-10:30 Opening Ceremony

  10:30-12:30 Theme Forum

  Expert presentations on youth participation and contribution to:

  Protection and transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage through media arts

  Intergenerational and intercultural collaboration for developing sustainable cities

  Questions and Answers

  Parallel Sessions

  Time: April 17

  Venue: Empark Grand Hotel

  Parallel Sessions on:

  Intangible cultural heritage

  Intergeneration and intercultural collaboration

  Creative industry

  Media art city construction

  Changsha Achievement Presentation

  Time: April 18

  Venue: Empark Grand Hotel